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Global Language Programs


  1. To read, write ,speak and listen in french language
  2. To understand simple text and sentences 
  3. To be able to speak in present tense 
  4. To be able to participate in a conversation in French
  5. To know about the french culture ,country and people

Program Contents:

  • Communication

         1. Social Exchange, greetings, weather etc
         2. Self Introduction
         3. Sentences Expressing Emotions
         4. Directions, Products and Transport & Shopping 

  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation & Phonetics
  • Role plays
  • Culture,  Etiquettes, Festivals of French people
  •  PPT
  • Video playing

Program Duration:

  • 5 days a week, 2 hours daily,
  • Special weekend batches 
  • 60 hours of syllabus
  • Rs 500 per hour.
  • Maximum 5 students per batch to give personal attention 

Our Faculty:

Language Special faculty members are being engaged for a systematic and specialized guidance. 

The Faculty come not only with richness of their respective languages but also has a passion for teaching their specialized language. The Faculty is selected as they are involved in various cultural exchange programs with the native Language Country.

Fee Inclusions:

  • Tuition Fees
  • Study Material
  • A Dictionary 
  • Handouts